The key benefit of attending club meetings is being able to take on roles. Each one is designed to help you improve your communication skills and range from entry level to advanced. Below are brief descriptions of each role so that you know  who does what at a meeting:


Each speaker prepares and presents a speech based on a project assignment from their learning path in Pathways.


The evaluator observes a speaker’s presentation and gives constructive comments in a brief evaluation speech. In addition to a verbal evaluation, the evaluator gives a more detailed written evaluation.


The timer helps to keep the meeting on schedule. When you are the timer, you will use a stopwatch and timing lights to keep track of time. At the end of the meeting, you share timing records with club members.


The Table Topics Master facilitates Table Topics—the meeting segment in which members deliver brief, impromptu speeches. The Table Topics Master prepares questions and determines the speaking order.


The grammarian introduces the word of the day, listens to the way members speak and presents a verbal report at the end of the meeting. The grammarian provides feedback to help Toastmasters improve their language skills and stretch their vocabularies.


The General Evaluator evaluates anyone who has not yet been evaluated.  When you serve as General Evaluator, you take note of everything that takes place during the meeting. This can be a busy role and is designed to help members develop listening skills. 


 The Toastmaster hosts and conducts the meeting. When you are the Toastmaster, you introduce speakers and keep the meeting moving along. This role is generally reserved for experienced members who are familiar with the club and its procedures. 


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