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First Meeting for 2021

Our first Toastmasters meeting for 2021 will be on Tuesday 19 January, at 7:30pm in the Cashmere Club (50 Colombo Street). Guests are more than welcome to attend! Please make sure you arrive 10 – 15 minutes early so that we have time to introduce ourselves and explain how Toastmasters works.  

Updated 13 January 2021

Christchurch Toastmasters has been helping people develop public speaking skills for over 55 years! Established in 1965, we are the oldest Toastmasters club in Christchurch. 

Our club caters to a wide variety of people, from absolute beginners through to expert communicators. We meet every Tuesday at 7:30 sharp in the Cashmere Club (50 Colombo Street / 88 Hunter terrace).

It is 100% free to attend as a guest to see how Toastmasters works. Don’t worry will not be any pressure to speak on the first visit! Simply email us at or send a message via our Facebook Page.

What we do...


Toastmasters provides a safe environment to practice public speaking.  We will support you and provide valuable feedback.


Get involved with the vibrant Toastmasters community and make lasting friendships.


Become a confident public speaker and achieve your goals!

How Much Does it Cost?

Christchurch Toastmasters is a Not-for-Profit Organisation. All money collected is used to cover room hire, club supplies, Toastmasters International fees and the occasional social event.

Visit for free!

We encourage people to attend three meetings for free before making the decision to join (or not join). Every meeting is different and this will help you see how a wide variety of people have benefited from Toastmasters. 

$90 Sign Up

If you like what you see and want to join, there is an initial $90 sign up fee. This covers the cost of registering with Toastmasters and includes the first month of membership.

$25 Per Month

After the initial sign up fee, the cost is then $25 per month. This covers basic costs such as room hire and other club supplies. There are no contracts and you are free to leave the club at any time. However, we do ask that you stay for at least six months to get the maximum value from Toastmasters. 

Is this good value?

Absolutely! Toastmasters is almost entirely run by volunteers. Because of this, there is no other public speaking programme that can match the quality of Toastmasters at the same cost. If you are feeling unsure, just think of all the financial opportunities that will be created by learning how to communicate! Imagine being able to confidently answer questions during interviews or being able to stand up and deliver a compelling work presentation. Toastmasters really is one of the best investments you can make!

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Cashmere Club
50 Colombo Street,Beckenham

Meeting Time

Every Tuesday at 7.30 PM

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